About Us

RedStar Shades is a brand that specializes in high quality polarized, sports, and fashion sunglasses. Our products are crafted in many of the same state-of-the-art factories that manufacture the leading brands that retail for $100-$300 a pair. Our products meet or exceed the quality of those high priced products.


We are involved with many promotions that include the sponsorship of over 1,000 charity and sport events. We also promote RedStar Shades to select sports oriented magazine readers. We offer our products to these select groups for Free in exchange for the return of a small questionnaire regarding the impression of quality and style. The questionnaire is optional because it by law cannot be made mandatory but most people do complete it. It has been very helpful in developing our new designs. Sponsored Events

Polarized Lens Technology

Our polarized lenses are anti-fog and have a 8 layer hard finish that achieves near perfect visual acuity. The lenses also features superior scratch resistance and 100% UV / IR protection.

Polycarbonate Lens Technology

Our polycarbonate lens are also anti-fog and scratch resistant, with a 6-7-8 optical center base that achieve distortion-free depth perception. The lenses also feature 100% UV / IR protection.


Along with your product order we will send you a survey card to fill out and return to us (completion optional by law). We use these completed cards to help us improve our products and services, and to help us choose the best designs and best features for our products going forward.